Friday, June 14, 2013

Archery Compound Bow

If you are interested in archery with the aim of taking up hunting then the best weapon in your hand would surely be the archery compound bow. This sci-fi looking bow offers much more than futuristic looks as it propels each arrow with greater speed and accuracy than all other types of traditional bows.

For centuries, hunters have relied on simple bow designs that have now morphed over to the longbow and the recurve bow. However, it was in the 1960s that Holless Wilbur Allen invented the compound bow, and several years of tweaking have now led to various designs of compound bows being offered to discerning hunters. The archery compound bow has several advantages over other bow designs that make it an ideal weapon while hunting down game.

A compound bow usually weighs between 3.5 to 5 pounds. The center of the bow is usually made of aluminum while the top and bottom limbs are made from flexible composite material that flexes to store explosive energy. There are several pulleys or cams fitted at both ends of the bow over which the bowstring or cable is passed over. The draw length of such compound bows is usually around 30 inches and most bows shoot out an arrow accurately at speeds of over 300 feet-per-second. This feature of high speed combined with high accuracy will enable you to take down game at greater distances with the very first shot itself.

The design of the archery compound bow enables you to have a higher percentage of "let off", which in turn allows you more time to draw your bow, hold it in position and perfect your aim before shooting. If you are new to hunting then you can opt for a soft cam or pulley design that sacrifices speed for better control of the arrow although once you do get comfortable in using your bow then you can shift to a harder cam. This bow also offers an adjustable draw stop that will allow you to draw the string as per your needs. This will allow you flexibility in shooting your arrow and allow you to quickly improve over time as compared to using other types of bows that are more rigid by design. Since both limbs of the compound bow are almost parallel to each other instead of remaining at an angle as in a traditional bow, there is hardly any vibration when you shoot an arrow, which in turn increases speed and accuracy.

There are several hunting and sports stores that sell compound bows although you will certainly have to be ready to shell out a lot more than other traditional types of bows. The high cost is due to the high-tech materials used in the construction of the bow such as aircraft-grade aluminum, magnesium, and various other composite materials. You should also remember never to try to string or unstring your archery compound bow without the help of an expert and the right tools since such a move could result in grievous injury.

If your passion is to hunt with a bow and arrow then instead of relying on traditional bows that have various limitations, you should opt for compound bows that merge science and hunting into one attractive and functional hunting tool. Your archery compound bow will surely help you to aim better, wait steadily for that perfect moment, and shoot your arrow at an optimum speed to accurately shoot down your target.

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